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Do I have to write a bio about myself? Ok. I was born in Paris, France, 30 years ago, to a French mom and an Iranian dad. My mom taught me poetry, my dad taught me music. Paris taught me a bit of chic. At 16, I dropped out of high school and picked up a guitar and wrote my first song. In the following years, me and my guitar played about 3490 shows all across France. Mostly in random, empty bars. Then at 20, I decided I wanted to conquer the world, so me and my guitar took a plane to New York City, to pursue pop star dreams. I released 2 EPs,  many music videos,, and my music got covered in ... I even got to collab with some of my idols, and play shows for big luxury brands... but things weren't exactly working out. The music industry was restricting me, and not giving me any creative freedom. I wasn't able to express my vision freely, which resulted in a lot of doors that wouldn't open, and frustration. After 10 years giving everything I had for music, overcoming any obstacle imaginable, and still feeling like I wasn't where I wanted to be,  I didn't know what I was supposed to do with my life.  One night, after watching a documentary on street art, I got inspired to stop caring, and go ahead and express freely, with the street as my big platform. The month after, I  did my first guerilla art performance in the streets of London. Something clicked. Instantly, people loved it, and the feedback was extraordinary. In the vein of the first one, I created a series of 1 day art installation/ performances in streets all around the world — Paris, Los Angeles, New York..  as a mean to bring poetry and magic in urban environement. I realized that by letting myself express my vision freely, things finally aligned, and every past obstacle and failures suddenly made sense. One day, one of my installations, the Love Letter, ***. I decided to make it a bigger project of its own.  I have now peformed The World Letter in Berlin, Paris, New York, Rome, Miami, LA, but also schools***, social centers, convents, . Today, I am still based in New York, and focusing mainly on my art installations. And tomorrow? Well, who knows, I might just pick up my guitar again and write a song about this crazy adventure. :)


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