"Follow Your Heart"

When: Ongoing (2017 - now)

Where: All around the world


Dreams are constructs of the mind, sometimes they are constructs of society. They might not always reflect our hearts, or what we are truly meant to do. When I followed my heart instead, it led me to a life I never thought possible, a life that truly fulfills me ❤️ This piece is meant for people to find those hearts, on a gloomy (or a good) day, and have a little “this is a sign!” moment. Maybe it’ll encourage someone to make a decision. Maybe it’ll encourage someone to pay attention to what their hearts is telling them more ❤️ how would be a World where everybody follows their heart?



"The Break Up Letter"

When: April 2017

Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA

April 2017 - I decided to quit my pop singer career, and consequently move out of the city who I spent so much time trying, and dreaming, in. As a way to part ways with Los Angeles, I decided to write my break up letter to it, in 6 different parts, that I left in 6 meaningful places across the city.